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How to protect yourself from fraud by cemetery staff

Posted on September 17, 2012 at 6:35 PM

When a loved one passes suddenly or thru illness; the family is grieving and not prepared to handle funeral plans. The last thought of any family burying their deceased is the possibility of fraud and larceny being committed by the cemetery staff. As in my family's case, the cemetery staff changed the title deed by changing the burial plot. Our family saw our mother buried in one plot facing the opposite direction of where the cemetery staff placed the gravestone. We have fought in court, and the judge denied our motion due to our attorney's technical error, not due to our case. Now, we are seeking a new attorney to try to renew this case. This industry known as the death care industry is not regulated federally, only some states have regulations for public and private cemeteries. Unfortunately, if you bury a loved one in a religious cemetery, the state has no jurisdiction over the laws. The families are on their own, as I learned when I contacted Arch Diocese of NY. , in our specific case. Cemeteries around the US can charge outrageous fees to reopen a paid burial lot, even if there is a prepaid funeral package. If your family paid 5,000 for a funeral package plan with the plot. The sales person tells the client that there is no more fees involved only a onetime fee to reopen the plot if burying another person. Often, they fail to mention how much that fee which in many cases are as much as the burial plot itself. I was told by this cemetery that my family would have to pay 2750.00 for the plot to be opened, then I would to pay for a funeral director to remove the body from the grounds and then it bring back to cemetery. In addition, our family would have to get a court order, even if we did not make the mistake, to prove where our mother is located.It is difficult for families to think of these issues during their period of grief, but imagine not knowing where your mother is buried afterwards and the cemetery staff engaging in larceny of a 6,000 burial plot. This is what happened to our family, it has been difficult to keep attention to what has occured here. My suggestions for families burying a loved one is to get copies of the title deed when getting it back from the cemetery, get receipts, take photos the day of the funeral, take photos of the row sign and direction of where the deceased is buried. Take photos of the cemetery area in general, if there are construction material around or grave stones that are damaged. Keep funeral receipts and documents in order, make copies of all items.

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