St .Raymond's Cemetery Grave Mistake

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Posted on September 28, 2011 at 8:00 PM

I started this blog and site to document and upload our case to the public about this cemetery and their abusive practices.  There are no forums or sites dedicated to issues or problems dealing with unregulated religious cemeteries that answer to no laws other than health codes which every business must abide by.   There are no remedies or funds set up to help families that have been victimized by these cemeteries which know that they do not have to do anything other than force the families to get a court order to begin the process.  Often the families are left to prove and bear the expense of court orders and exhumation even if there is proof positive that the cemetery made the mistake.

This forum is an outlet for people to write their experiences about this horrible cemetery or any other cemetery around the country.

By bringing attention to this increasing problem around the US; Congress and state governments should pass legislation to regulate cemeteries in the US. 

Write to your Congressman or Senator, this could happen to you or to anyone in your family.  Unfortunately, like myself, no one paid any attention to this issue until the tragedy has hit home.  Read my family's story on front of web page.

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