Manufactured cemetery marker Manufactured cemetery marker This is fake marker placed on 36 186 This fake marker is photocopied information from the other grave site row 36 187 next to 36 186. 140576730 This is marker in 36 187, info was photocopied This is the marker next to 36 186, the fake marker has the photocopied information on the fake marker. 140576717 Staff at it again here is fifth label This staff in order to hide their mistake place labels because they know that I live in Florida so when I am in town they stop placing labels. I'm back. 140576716 Manufactured marker placed at 36 186 This is the fake marker placed on lot 36 186, the cemetery tried to make it look like the burial lot had a body in it. The staff must think that we don't read markers 140576718 Photo of the two lots side by side Here are photos of lots 36 187 and 36 186, one has a real marker and gravestone the other is just the photo copy information on the other lot. I took the marker with me as proof 140576719 Manufactured marker at 36 186 closeup Here is close up of lot 36 187 photocopy placed on lot 36 186 140576720 Manufactured marker placed on 36 186 This is another photo of the faked marker placed on this lot 36 186 140576721 Manufactured marker 2 My mother never had a marker placed on her site, this marker is wrong, this was placed on the ground in row 35 186 which is the actual grave site of my mother. This was a personal mean spirited way of marking my mothers grave with this fake doctored marker. My mother died in November 2010 and they placed the Month as December 2, 2010 .This was the date of funeral.This is doctored item number 3, I am keeping count. I would hope that the staff would be smarter next time and actually manufacture more documentation with correct dates. 140576725 Actual gravestone without label This is the photo of My Mom's gravestone without the label placed. 140576722 Row sign example This row sign is an example of what was placed on row 36 , it was a single pole. It was there in December 2010 and gone after our family raised a stink in March 2011. When we visited cemetery in May 2011, row sign gone and rows were changed. How many families are in our situation? 140576724 placed on the ground near actual grave I guess this is the staff's mean way of saying that we will never get our mothers grave truly marked with the gravestone. This fake doctored plate was on 35 186 where our mother is placed. 140576727 Mothers grave with another poor victim marker thrown about cemetery The cemetery always has the markers thrown about as shown here , this marker belonged to row 37 and i found it on the foot of my mothers gravestone. 140576728 row 36 187 This is the marker of the person next to the lot 36 186, the staff took this person' s information and photocopied it and placed a fake marker on lot 36 186 to make it look as if someone was buried there. 140576729