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This blog is an informative forum for people that have been victimized by the cemeteries especially religious cemeteries that have no regulatory body, other than the State Heath Departments and their Religious Institutions.  There are many people that do not know where to start the process if there is a mistake for any burial of a loved one.  Please leave comments and send any photos of cemetery irregularites at St Raymond's cemetery in the Bronx.

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St. Raymonds Parish defends cemetery staff after admitting altering burial title deed

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St Raymonds Parish manages St. Raymonds Cemetery instead of the Archdiocese of NY.   This parish has defended its cemetery staff despite poor management of this cemetery as evidenced by many news stories by news12 the Bronx. 

I contacted the Archdiocese of NY about 6 months ago and I wrote them a letter and included all documents to proof there is something wrong with the cemetery operations.  I presented the altered title burial deed, the photo of the gravestone with the cemetery sticker and the original unchanged gravestone data on the incorrect site. 

The archdiocese of NY has designed a parish reorganization plan announced for this year.   In addition, many cemetery grounds keepers  were fired in February 2012.   Ten workers were fired all of a sudden, could it be the youtube video I found of some workers acting vulgar near the gravestones or the fact that I have exposed this huge mistake all over the web.  At least some heads are rolling, I hope that the cemetery reflects and changes the poor methods of how the families are treated by their facility.   The cemetery staff is nice once they get the families to purchase the burial plots but when a mistake occurs they will not take responsibility.  The staff will deny and alter their records to present in court .  The cemetery is an institution in the Bronx with friends at Bronx Courthouse. 

The reason I stand by my words is that my sister took them to court despite all of the evidence presented such as the photos of the gravestone, the altered title deed, the letter from St Anselms church stating another maria cruz had funeral there, not my mom.  The forged signature of my sisters name on their cpu form (cemetery plot unit), the manufactured cemetery receipt that we never received.   The fact that this judge showed no interest in this case from beginning, she missed two court dates and on the October 31st court date, the court placed no appea next to comment box.  This states no appearance, I contacted the courthouse to tell them that we were in court. This is key date because we bought in credit card receipt to prove that we did not pay by check as claimed on fake cemetery receipt. The first response was that the judges decision was not based on that; after not getting proper explanation, I contacted Court adminstration. 

Their explanation was that the judges denial of motion was not based on the comment no appea, they claim that the judge had already fully submitted the case on November 14th 2011 after supposedly agreeing with both of the attornies that if they did not come to an agreement that she would decide on evidence.  The judges decision took ten months for a judicial intervention that did not involve damages.  We were suing to be made whole, by getting back money for the opening of the burial plot to find our mother.   

After ten months of waiting and case being neglected by the attorney, we had working on it.  I called the judge's clerk office and I inquired about the case, she seemed annoyed .  I called from Florida and the clerk told me that the judge had not made a decision, this was on March 14, 2012.  I have my phone log to prove it from my phone bill.  The next day March 15th 2012.  I found out on unified court system that the judge denied the case without prejudice with the chance to renew the case with the proper paperwork and she dated the decision as march 12th 2012. 

My sister picked up the motion papers on march 21st 2012, we had been contacting the attorney in our case.  He abandoned the case and never notified us of the decision, nor did he return our calls. We thought it was strange that he would not contact us especially since the time frame to renew a case was about 10 days.  The first step in an appeal was to do the renewal request.  This was to be done within a limited time frame.  The attorney sent us an email dated March19th 2012 that stated that he spoke to the judge and that she said she didn't make a decision on case, even though we had the motion papers in our hands. 

All of these documents are on my photo gallery.  I will label each and I hope to get the help of an investigative journalist.  The Bronx court has had a history of corruption, I found on the judicial review committee past cases dating from  1981 to present with most recent case of Hon. Lee Holtzman who allowed an attorney to steal 300,000 from estates in probate and allowed for this attorney, Lipmann to repay this money in installments since they were friends; instead of reporting him. 

In my opinion this judge made decision out of anger instead of evidence.  Somehow the attorney disappeared on us so that we could lose our chance to renew and appeal decision.  Was he told to disappear, I don't know.  I do know that it took filing an attorney greivance to get the lawyer to respond and when he did, instead of renewing documents in April 2012.  The attorney got around to creating court documents on July 14th 2012, months after the time frame.  The court document was poorly prepared and we sent this document to the attorney greivance committee since the attorney replied to complaint. 

This case is big and I have gotten some media attention but no one has followed up.  I contacted NY1 again and Bxnews 12 and both have not responded.  

Basically this story has been forgotten, ignored and swept under the bed.  The lack of interest and the apathy of local city agencies and government resources has caused for this story to go unnoticed.  An entire cemetery row in the Holy Cross has been changed, our family is not the only affected and I believe that St Raymonds is covering mistake because they can't afford for truth to come out.  Our family will keep on fighting. 

How to protect yourself from fraud by cemetery staff

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When a loved one passes suddenly or thru illness; the family is grieving and not prepared to handle funeral plans. The last thought of any family burying their deceased is the possibility of fraud and larceny being committed by the cemetery staff. As in my family's case, the cemetery staff changed the title deed by changing the burial plot. Our family saw our mother buried in one plot facing the opposite direction of where the cemetery staff placed the gravestone. We have fought in court, and the judge denied our motion due to our attorney's technical error, not due to our case. Now, we are seeking a new attorney to try to renew this case. This industry known as the death care industry is not regulated federally, only some states have regulations for public and private cemeteries. Unfortunately, if you bury a loved one in a religious cemetery, the state has no jurisdiction over the laws. The families are on their own, as I learned when I contacted Arch Diocese of NY. , in our specific case. Cemeteries around the US can charge outrageous fees to reopen a paid burial lot, even if there is a prepaid funeral package. If your family paid 5,000 for a funeral package plan with the plot. The sales person tells the client that there is no more fees involved only a onetime fee to reopen the plot if burying another person. Often, they fail to mention how much that fee which in many cases are as much as the burial plot itself. I was told by this cemetery that my family would have to pay 2750.00 for the plot to be opened, then I would to pay for a funeral director to remove the body from the grounds and then it bring back to cemetery. In addition, our family would have to get a court order, even if we did not make the mistake, to prove where our mother is located.It is difficult for families to think of these issues during their period of grief, but imagine not knowing where your mother is buried afterwards and the cemetery staff engaging in larceny of a 6,000 burial plot. This is what happened to our family, it has been difficult to keep attention to what has occured here. My suggestions for families burying a loved one is to get copies of the title deed when getting it back from the cemetery, get receipts, take photos the day of the funeral, take photos of the row sign and direction of where the deceased is buried. Take photos of the cemetery area in general, if there are construction material around or grave stones that are damaged. Keep funeral receipts and documents in order, make copies of all items.

Free online memorial sites for the deceased

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Free online memorial sites for the deceased

I searched online for resources for grieving families, who lost a loved one. If looking for a method to honor a loved one to remember them forever and to allow others to leave messages or to visit often to reflect and enjoy memories of their beloved one who has passed. These memorials allow families to share stories, photos, with the friends, families and the whole world about their loved one. Here are some links of these online memorial places for example;,,,, and

National Stories of Cemetery Abuses

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COPY and Paste Links onto browser, this is a compilation of many news stories around the US where cemeteries have made mistakes and committed fraud.

cemetery stories

st raymonds stories

Support HR 900 Cemetery federal regulation pending

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Support HR 900 write to your local senator or Congressman, Congressman Rush from Illionois has pending legislation but has not gotten bill passed.  He needs a co -sponsor for bill.  Write for legislation to be passed in House then Senate.  Contact funeral consumers alliance which is non profit working towards federal regulation of all cemeteries.

Post complaints about cemeteries here or comments

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If you or a family, friend or anyone you know has a cemetery horror story concerning a mistake or fraud.  Post comments here:   Upload any photos you may have of ST raymonds cemetery.  Contact by email or join my site.

Cemetery placed fake marker on lot 36 186

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This cemetery staff placed another cemetery label hiding the burial lot number 186.  On October 4th, I went to visit grave and saw a marker placed on the burial lot 36 186.  I thought to myself they buried another person there, so I checked closely.  I couldn't believe what I saw, I saw the information on lot number 36 187 photocopied onto the marker on lot 36 186.  The total disregard unsympathetic behavior from evil staff has really gotten personal.  I think I know what their defense will be on October 31st, they will claim that someone is buried there.  I have photos and I have the actual fake marker that was placed on lot 36 186. Find photo on photo page with caption.

Welcome to Stop cemetery Abuse Blog

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I started this blog and site to document and upload our case to the public about this cemetery and their abusive practices.  There are no forums or sites dedicated to issues or problems dealing with unregulated religious cemeteries that answer to no laws other than health codes which every business must abide by.   There are no remedies or funds set up to help families that have been victimized by these cemeteries which know that they do not have to do anything other than force the families to get a court order to begin the process.  Often the families are left to prove and bear the expense of court orders and exhumation even if there is proof positive that the cemetery made the mistake.

This forum is an outlet for people to write their experiences about this horrible cemetery or any other cemetery around the country.

By bringing attention to this increasing problem around the US; Congress and state governments should pass legislation to regulate cemeteries in the US. 

Write to your Congressman or Senator, this could happen to you or to anyone in your family.  Unfortunately, like myself, no one paid any attention to this issue until the tragedy has hit home.  Read my family's story on front of web page.


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