St .Raymond's Cemetery Grave Mistake

Stop cemetery abuse and fraud, write to Congress federal regulation over all cemeteries

Read my research on corruption in Bronx Supreme Courthouse

I have compiled a list of articles of news organizations that has studied and investigated Bronx Supreme Court corruption.  Read these links to latest research articles.


The first link discusses how Bronx Supreme Court judges in NY routinely preside over court cases where the attorney, client or juror has donated to their political campaigns for reelection.  There is no impartiality as the court claims because supposedly they don't know who contributes to their political campaigns?  Really? 

Here is story by TimesUnion paper

 New law as of JULY 15th 2011 supposedly allows for Unified Court System to make sure that clients, jurors and donors to judges political campaigns that donate 2500 are not placed on that particular judges docket.  The Unified Court System claims from time to time they will post the list of campaign donors to judges for their elections.   I have tried to locate this transparent information online and it doesn't exist.

 The judges campaign donor list for NY city and State are not available online.

Read NY Times 2004 Bronx Court Corruption Investigation



Fourth Court date postponed due to fake doctored cemetery receipt issued by staff at St Ray's.

September 26th, 2011,   Our case was delayed after the judge was supposed to rule and make decision.  The attorney for St Raymond's cemetery produced a cemetery receipt that supposedly had actual purchase data and the burial lot number.  The  attorney brought this in at the last minute therefore leaving our attorney no alternative but to request an adjournment, until we could bring in our evidence.   This time St ray's staff may have stepped in it, they produced a doctored receipt that claims that my sister paid by check on December 2nd 2010.  Actually, my sister paid by credit card on November 30, 2010.  She paid lump sum amount and remembered contacting the credit card company to notify them of large purchase.  So how can St Raymond's cemetery claim that this receipt was produced on the day of the purchase.  The copy of the credit card statement and receipt, is on the court documents album.


Update:   Here are more photos of St. raymonds cemetery deplorable cemetery conditions dated 2008 and 2009.

St. Raymonds Cemetery" class="fw_image_url fwSizeProp" border="0" style="margin: 8px;width:75%;" mce_src="http://St. Raymonds Cemetery" /> 







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